VEGA Server orchestrates every element of the VEGA Control System, coordinating all clients, users, studios, and devices. Like VEGA Client, the server software can be deployed on turn-key Vinten PCs or independent PC hardware that complies to the VEGA minimum specification and recommended configuration.

The server provides all the core services needed to operate a VEGA Control System including additional functionality available through extensions. It also facilitates permissions management, allowing user and group profiles to be set by the system administrator. This allows admins to remove sensitive or unnecessary settings, equipment or facilities – such as remote studios – from an operator’s VEGA Client interface. When operators are required to control remote facilities VEGA ensures full access to any required functionality by tying system extensions to studios rather than VEGA Clients.

VEGA Server can be installed as a single piece of hardware running all the control system services or run over multiple pieces of hardware (requires VEGA Server Cluster license). Creating a cluster of servers in this way distributes the workload and management to offer resilience through failover support and capacity via load-distribution. Global facilities can locate individual but connected servers close to each production location for a truly geographically distributed system.