Setting a safe boundary in complex sets

VEGA Mapping enables the application of a geofence to determine the area within which robotic pedestals can operate. Usually deployed as a protective measure for the robots and other valuable studio equipment, geofencing is especially useful for studios with complex sets or sensitive equipment around the perimeter.

The boundary perimeter is defined by up to 128 points, enabling irregular boundaries to be set within a series of straight lines and is validated automatically to ensure that the boundary is closed. A floorplan image can be uploaded to incorporate a backdrop to support editing. The VEGA Client will indicate whether the geofence is active or not to ensure that the operator always knows whether they are working with restricted boundaries.

When a geofence is active linked devices will be unable to travel beyond its boundary. Every method of operation including point-to-point shots, manual joysticking and sequencing is restricted if the boundary will be breached, and a warning will be flagged in the control system. Operators can be reassured that the robots will be prevented from going into dangerous areas.

VEGA Mapping – 4 device studio – enables a single geofence for up to 4 cameras in a single studio. For larger studios, additional single device licenses can be added as required.