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Control System

A new era of control

VEGA Control System provides a highly flexible core to Vinten robotic solutions. Combining world-class robotic control with enterprise class infrastructure features, VEGA redefines both how and where studio camera control is accomplished. Productions benefit from precise creative control that helps to underpin a distinct visual identity, while technical teams can scale and automate with state-of-the-art options including AI-driven Presenter Tracking powered by Seervision, and Voice control.

Driving fresh perspectives

Optimised operation

VEGA is designed as a critical tool for high pressure live productions. The modern user interface includes familiar features to guide and support the user such as adaptive controls and drag and drop functionality. Production equipment configurations can be created and saved for fast recall, while sliders and visual cues support touchscreen operation alongside the highly configurable VEGA Control Panels. For full operational flexibility multiple controllers can be added to the network, enabling shared control of any studio from any control room, anywhere in the world.

  • Fully synchronised shot recall of all axis and camera shading* in an easy one-touch operation
  • Modern user interface with familiar functionality
  • Control any studio from any control room
  • Combines with highly configurable VEGA IP control panel

Enhanced creativity

VEGA naturally facilitates the superior on-shot movement that Vinten robotic hardware is renowned for and amplifies it with intelligence that supports creative camera control. It offers the ability to create curved signature shots and share them across the network, while giving the option to protect more complex sets with advanced navigation. Combining high-quality movement, extendable control feature set, and data sharing, enables broadcasters to adapt efficiently in the fast-moving landscape of modern news, while continuing to support core brand values with a unified visual identity.

  • Creation of complex curved moves supports signature shots
  • Sharing of saved shots allows for unified visual identities across any distance
  • Advanced navigation visualisation and oversight options allow more flexible studio design
  • Native control of Vinten robotics enables superior motion quality

Intelligent automation

VEGA advances the possibilities of automation. It is underpinned by a growing interoperability auxiliary systems that supports ever greater efficiency improvements in busy control rooms. VEGA Presenter Tracking, powered by Seervision, delivers AI driven talent tracking that uses pose identification alongside person identification to anticipate movement and track and frame individuals in a smooth, natural manner. VEGA Playout allows 3rd party systems to take control, interfacing seamlessly to help studios adapt and perform to the highest standards with minimal resource.

  • VEGA Presenter Tracking, powered by Seervision, offers AI driven talent tracking
  • Playout extensions allow 3rd party systems to take control
  • Control of select 3rd party camera equipment adds flexibility
  • Ongoing expansion of interoperability with auxiliary systems

Vinten VEGA

Control System

Modern user interface with familiar functionality

Creation of complex curved moves supports signature shots

Advanced studio map visualisation and oversight options allow more flexible studio design

VEGA Presenter Tracking, powered by Seervision, offers AI driven talent tracking

Control of select 3rd party robotic equipment adds flexibility

Voice control delivers a unique level of control room automation

Enterprise class infrastructure

Architected for change

Heightened interest in employees, efficiency and the environment is driving broadcasters to expand their remote capabilities and become more connected, automated and adaptive. VEGA is conceived around a modular, clustered server software architecture that supports these aspirations. Deployment options include local, virtual and distributed operating models that enable scalable transformations to balance both business and technology requirements.

  • Flexible client/server topology
  • Supports multiple control surfaces working simultaneously
  • Configurable in local, virtual and distributed operating models
  • Inherently scalable architecture expands from a single studio to a network of globally interconnected studios
  • Continuously developed software with ongoing feature enhancements

Built for maximum resilience

With over 40 years of experience in broadcast robotics, Vinten understands the necessity of maintaining system uptime. VEGA supports load balancing to manage demand and improve responsiveness, with auto-failover natively integrated into multi-server configurations for robust disaster recovery. Servers and clients are fully compliant with local and remote network infrastructure configurations and our team of software engineers continue to develop and test the system to ensure ongoing resilience and compatibility. As part of the Videndum Group, Vinten offers access to a global support team that can offer preventative maintenance packages in any location worldwide.

  • Load balancing distributes demand across the system
  • Auto-failover maintains excellent uptime for high availability
  • Ongoing development and resilience testing
  • Supported by Videndum Production Solutions global service network

VEGA Control System Components

VEGA Software

At the heart of the system are VEGA Client and VEGA Server. Operators interact with the modern user interface of VEGA Client, controlling the system via the VEGA Server either locally or remotely. This client/server architecture allows multiple clients to share the resources provided by a single server, with redundancy options available to ensure fail-safe processes are in place. Host PCs can be supplied or sourced independently for added flexibility, and deployment using virtualised infrastructure is fully supported. VEGA Software offers a truly intelligent and scalable robotic control solution.

VEGA Controllers

Proprietary VEGA Control Panels are designed to work seamlessly with VEGA Software and provide clear, real-time feedback to the operator. Programmable OLED labels identify function and camera selection buttons, all of which can be customised to user preference and mirrored in the VEGA Client interface. Reconfigurable rotary controls sit beneath a context sensitive touchscreen, and every panel function can be easily reassigned. Every element has been considered to create a panel that is dynamic and configurable for maximum ease of operation.

VEGA Device Extensions

Many studios will choose to control 3rd party devices for functional or creative reasons. VEGA Device Extensions facilitate the addition of extra hardware features to VEGA Software:

VEGA Motion Extensions

Advanced movement capabilities are required by many modern productions, either for creative or safety purposes. Vinten offers solutions that can be employed together or independently to enable the use of robotic pedestals in every situation:

  • VEGA Mapping – enables boundary setting to limit the area in which pedestals can operate, find out more
  • VEGA Curve – supports the creation of developed, curved moves, find out more
  • To remove the need to regularly re-reference pedestals and enhance accuracy when using complex moves we recommend FH-155 head StarTracker integration, find out more

VEGA Automation Extensions

Developing the automation benefits already inherent in a robotics system is a key philosophy of the VEGA Control Platform, and the VEGA Automation Extensions provide access to advanced solutions:

  • VEGA Presenter, powered by Seervision – delivers AI driven talent tracking and reframing, find out more…
  • VEGA Playout – enables pre-set shots to be triggered by a playout system, find out more…

VEGA System Hardware

Where ease of deployment is important, turn-key PC hardware is available for VEGA Client and VEGA Server. VEGA can also be deployed on independently sourced PC hardware that complies to the VEGA minimum specification and recommended configuration.

Our Technical team can help at any stage of your project. We have a wide network of broadcast professionals and systems integrators who will support the fulfilment of custom integrated solutions.

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