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Tower, engineered by Electric Friends, is an innovative track solution.

With a customizable design, easily recessed low-profile tracks and a unique system to ensure a cable-free studio floor, Tower can blend into, or become a striking feature of your studio set design.

  • Compatible with the VEGA control system
  • Seven-foot tower with customizable panels and integrated tally
  • High accuracy and repeatability with precise control over pan, tilt, elevation, and lens adjustments
  • Options to support both direct view and through-the-lens teleprompters and talent monitors
  • Unique cable mechanism and built-in fiber multiplexer for a cable-free studio floor
  • Patented steel wheel on rubber-rail solution ensures vertical and rotational stability
  • Easily recessed track eliminates trip hazards from the studio floor and can be customized in various radiuses, colors and finishes

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