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New tripod simplifies and improves the workflow of camera operators

Two of the broadcast, film and video industries’ legendary brands, Sachtler and Vinten, have partnered to develop the world’s fastest tripod legs – the flowtech™ 75. flowtech revolutionises the way camera operators work allowing users to deploy and adjust their tripod in an instant.

My first impression is that this is a revolutionary tripod. Clearly, a lot of thought has been put into it. Sachtler and Vinten have looked at the fundamental ways tripods are used and have come up with a design that should improve the workflow of camera operators. It is unusual to see this amount of innovation in one tripod

James FrenchLighting Cameraman


flowtech 75 is a revolutionary set of two-stage carbon-fibre tripod legs with a removable midlevel spreader, rubber feet and a payload capacity of 20 kg (44 lbs). It features:

  • Unique Quick Release Brakes – Located at the top of the tripod, the quick release brakes enable all of the legs to be deployed simultaneously and adjust to the ground’s surface – eliminating the need to bend over or manually adjust multiple brakes on each
  • Distinct Ergonomic Profile – Lightweight and easy to transport, flowtech 75 is specifically designed to comfortably rest on the camera operator’s shoulder while magnetic locks between the legs ensure that the tripod legs don’t shift during transport.
  • Exceptional Torsional Stiffness Ensures that the tripod doesn’t twist during panning movements – an extremely important consideration for camera operators.
  • Hinge-lock mechanism – Allows users to capture extremely low, ground-level shots in addition to higher shots. Effectively eliminates the need to bring a second set of baby legs to each shoot.
  • Versatile Height Range – Deploys as low as 26 cm (0.85 ft.) and as high as 153 cm (5.02 ft.) without a spreader and between 63 cm (2.07 ft.) to 157 cm (5.15 ft.) when deployed with a spreader.*
  • Removable Spreader – Designed to be used with or without a spreader.


flowtech was tested in the most punishing environments, from sludge and sand to extreme temperatures. With over 30,000 lab-testing cycles – in which the tripod is repeatedly deployed – and 1½ million clamp operations on the test endurance rig, flowtech exceeded the stringent performance targets for both the Sachtler and Vinten brands.

flowtech 75 is compatible with all major 75 mm fluid heads and ideally suited for the Sachtler or Vinten brands. It’s the perfect companion tripod for digital cinema cameras such as the Sony FS7, Blackmagic URSA Mini, and the Canon C300 MKII.

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