Vega Presenter Tracking

Artificial Intelligence, Realistic Motion

Vega Presenter Tracking, powered by Seervision, delivers AI driven talent tracking and reframing with exceptionally natural movement. Using robust talent identification, it automatically frames each individual as required, eliminating the need for intermittent manual correction.

Tracking Feature Set

  • Person identification: add name, set framing, save profile (automatic recall)
  • Tracking: pan/tilt/zoom
  • Shot creation: flexible user-defined framing
  • Sensitivity: custom deadband; reframing speed profile

Device Support

  • Robots supported: all current Vinten robotic devices; ICE platform devices
  • Cameras supported: system camera agnostic (see CCU extension if shading is required); PTZ camera not initially supported
  • Lenses supported: Canon, Fujinon (digital or analogue)


  • License type: studio locked license; initial 1 year license with recurring annual license required
  • License requirement: one per camera that requires tracking
  • System requirements: VEGA Presenter Tracking Host Computer (one per every 2 tracking cameras); VEGA Client/Server installation