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2-Stage Pedestal Series

Unparalleled reliability and durability. Precisely frame the picture, to put the viewer ‘in the action’. The high-performance and lightweight Osprey Studio and OB Pedestals deliver effortless freedom of movement, from finely balanced camera control to full remote crab and steer modes. Presenter eyelines can be tracked with ease with the wide on-shot stroke range for the perfect shot every time.

Perfect balance – Perfect balance for on-shot performance
Built in pressure gauge
Quickfix & operator storage included
Compatible with dolly track

Effortless Movement - Perfect Control.

The widest variety of shots is possible with the adjustable elevation and height range options in the Osprey series. Combined with prompter mounting hardware and Vinten fluid heads, Osprey pedestals match the eyeline of on-screen presenters from the lowest height percentile to the highest, and from seated to standing – even at close range.

Smooth precision movements and accurate direction changes with payloads up to 80 kg / 176 lb allows camera operators freedom to frame the shot and put the viewer in the action.

Ultimate Studio Flexibility.

With five models in the range, you will find the perfect Osprey model for any size of studio or outside broadcast.

Cameras and prompters can be positioned with ease with a range of wheel options from track castors to full remote crab and steer modes while multiple accessories allow for attachment of a variety of heads.

Osprey pedestals fold into two lightweight parts for easy transportation.

Perfect balance – comfortable operation.

Precision balanced to compensate perfectly for gravity, Osprey pedestals free camera operators to focus on framing the shot not balancing their camera.

Ergonomically positioned elevation and steering controls, operated from a standing position to reduce strain on the body. A built-in tray table and utility holder create a stress-free, convenient and comfortable workstation for operators in position for long periods of time.

The camera supports with global support.

With over 110 years of pioneering broadcast engineering, Vinten is the standard for studio and outdoor camera support. Osprey pedestals are the latest technology from the trusted market leader. Always on hand, always contactable, always reliable. Vinten technicians can be contacted anytime to support your production to minimise studio downtime.

The addition of QR codes to our pedestals is a new product feature which uses technology to better support our customers throughout their products’ lifecycle.

Vinten Osprey

2-Stage Pedestal Series

Perfect balance

Perfect balance for on-shot performance

Precision movements

Crab and steer modes, smooth precision movements.

Built in pressure gauge

Built in pressure gauge and manual pump for easy counterbalance and set-up

Compatible with dolly track

Column can be adapted to work on dolly track

Quickfix & operator storage included

Pedestal supplied with Quickfix quick release system & operator storage area


Ergonomically positioned controls for better posture for operators

Our Technical team can help at any stage of your project. We have a wide network of broadcast professionals and systems integrators who will support the fulfilment of custom integrated solutions.

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