Customised operation

VEGA Controllers are designed to be dynamic and configurable for maximum ease of operation. High resolution 3-axis joysticks facilitate comfortable and exceptionally accurate device handling. Programmable OLEDs labels identify function and camera selection buttons, with two text lines available for a unique description and a choice of 8 colours to assign to status or function. Reconfigurable rotary controls sit beneath a context sensitive touchscreen for ease of reference, and two high resolution rotary dials are available for more critical functions, such as iris control.

Where required, settings can be saved within profiles and recalled for future use. This allows users to customise and configure for each studio or production, with settings mirrored in the VEGA Client interface. Every element ensures the VEGA Controller continually supports the operator with easily understood, real-time feedback specific to their needs.

Flexible installation

VEGA Joystick Controllers can be recessed into or mounted directly onto a desk. An in-built tilt mechanism allows for positioning the panel at the correct angle when recessed into a desk. Lockable connectors are positioned in a rear recessed panel with integrated cable management. An Ethernet port allows easy integration into a studio’s IP infrastructure, and allows quick reassignment of panels installed over the network while four USB ports enable connection to local devices for future expansion.

Built for the future.

Designed to adapt, and powerful enough to expand, the VEGA Controller will grow with your facility. Firmware updates and future feature extensions will be supported, allowing you to expand its functionality as required.

Technical Specifications

Joystick2 X 3-axis2 X 3-axis
Buttons16 X select/action with integrated OLED display16 X select/action with integrated OLED display
Tally16 X multi-colour LEDs16 X multi-colour LEDs
Encoders4 X mini-rotary, 2 X hi-res rotary4 X mini-rotary, 2 X hi-res rotary
TouchscreenIntegrated 5.5”; aspect ratio 16:9Integrated 5.5”; aspect ratio 16:9
NetworkGigabit Ethernet (lockable)Gigabit Ethernet (lockable)
Local4 X USB type-C (lockable)4 X USB type-C (lockable)
Length48.4 cm19.06 in
Width16.4 cm6.46 in
Height13.3 cm5.24 in
MountingIntegrated 3 position locking tilt mechanism (0, 10 & 20 degree tilt)Integrated 3 position locking tilt mechanism (0, 10 & 20 degree tilt)
Input Voltage24V DC24V DC
Power Supply110-240V AC 50/60Hz input, 24V DC, 3A max. output110-240V AC 50/60Hz input, 24V DC, 3A max. output

In The Box

  • VEGA Dual Joystick Controller
  • PSU
  • UK/EU or US IEC power cabl