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Workflow & Architecture

Enterprise class infrastructure

Architected for change

Heightened interest in employees, efficiency and the environment is driving broadcasters to expand their remote capabilities and become more connected, automated and adaptive. VEGA is conceived around a modular, clustered server software architecture that supports these aspirations. Deployment options include local, virtual and distributed operating models that enable scalable transformations to balance both business and technology requirements.

  • Flexible client/server topology
  • Supports multiple control surfaces working simultaneously
  • Configurable in local, virtual and distributed operating models
  • Inherently scalable architecture expands from a single studio to a network of globally interconnected studios
  • Continuously developed software with ongoing feature enhancements

Local installation

The local installation diagram shows a setup for single operator productions where the set is not expected to change. This solution is selected for simple installations, including flash-cam and pop-up studios, where wider integrated control isn’t a requirement. The control equipment often sits within the studio itself. Combining the VEGA Client and Server on a single machine avoids the complexity of a larger facility integration but is generally only considered for studios with lower usage, where failover is less of a concern.

VEGA’s architecture ensures that a simple local installation like this can be scaled in the future if the facility is expected to grow, providing the basis for larger more distributed systems such as those shown below.

Local multi-control installation

The local multi-control diagram demonstrates an architecture typical of single location facilities with multiple studios on site. A key benefit of this workflow is the enablement of collaborative control, where studio control is shared by multiple galleries/control rooms. This setup also offers controller and server redundancy. Including a server cluster distributes the workload and offers scalability, where additional servers can be connected to increase load balancing. Multi-control is beneficial for adaptive studio production, allowing equipment to be repositioned to, and controlled from any point.

Local & remote multi-client installation

The local and remote multi-client installation diagram begins to show the full scalability of the VEGA Control System. In this model control rooms/galleries and studios are connected across remote locations, whether that be cities or countries. Distance is not a concern, as each facility is connected across a Wide Area Network. This allows an infrastructure with centralised server architecture, for example in a datacentre. Clients can remotely connect to servers to share data and control. In this setup, remote locations can take control of a studio to facilitate 24-hour coverage within working hours across multiple time-zones. It also ensures complete gallery/control room backup for disaster recovery, allowing remote staff to take over if a gallery is suffering from unexpected technical or resource issues.

With collaborative control between multiple studios and control points, across multiple locations, the VEGA architecture ensures complete flexibility of robotic camera deployment.

Built for maximum resilience

With over 40 years of experience in broadcast robotics, Vinten understands the necessity of maintaining system uptime. VEGA supports load balancing to manage demand and improve responsiveness, with auto-failover natively integrated into multi-server configurations for robust disaster recovery. Servers and clients are fully compliant with local and remote network infrastructure configurations and our team of software engineers continue to develop and test the system to ensure ongoing resilience and compatibility. As part of the Videndum Group, Vinten offers access to a global support team that can offer preventative maintenance packages in any location worldwide.

  • Load balancing distributes demand across the system
  • Auto-failover maintains excellent uptime for high availability
  • Ongoing development and resilience testing
  • Supported by Videndum Production Solutions global service network
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