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VEGA Software sits at the heart of the VEGA Control System

It offers a truly intelligent and scalable robotic control solution with client/server architecture allowing multiple clients to share resources and supporting virtualised infrastructure.

Operational interface designed for growing production requirements. Customisable with dockable control elements, one-touch recall of pre-set shots, and director’s view virtual monitor to ensure an optimised user experience.


Dedicated software coordinating every element of the system. Offering core services, extensions, and permissions management, the Server can be distributed across multiple hardware to ensure robust and efficient control.


Allows installation of the Server across multiple hardware pieces, distributing workload and management to enhance resilience and capacity via load-distribution.


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VEGA Server Cluster

Built for the future.

Designed to adapt, and powerful enough to expand, the VEGA Software will grow with your facility. Updates and future feature extensions will be supported, allowing you to expand its functionality as required.

Our Technical team can help at any stage of your project. We have a wide network of broadcast professionals and systems integrators who will support the fulfilment of custom integrated solutions.

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