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Presenter Tracking

Artificial Intelligence, Realistic Motion

VEGA Presenter Tracking, powered by Seervision, delivers AI driven talent tracking and reframing with exceptionally natural movement. Using robust talent identification, it automatically frames each individual as required, eliminating the need for intermittent manual correction.

VEGA presenter tracking in action

Fully integrated solution

VEGA Presenter Tracking is completely integrated into the VEGA Control System and controlled through the VEGA Client interface. In this way VEGA offers a true studio workflow with tracking added. Users remain familiar with all operations and can implement shot selection, sequencing and other common functions without retraining. The solution also continues to be compatible with 3rd party integration options to allow playout automation of control, and the use of PTZs.

Vinten VEGA tracking example

Built for the future.

Designed to adapt, and powerful enough to expand, the VEGA Software will grow with your facility. Updates and future feature extensions will be supported, allowing you to expand its functionality as required.

Our Technical team can help at any stage of your project. We have a wide network of broadcast professionals and systems integrators who will support the fulfilment of custom integrated solutions.

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