The Vision blue5 camera support system is ideal for uncompromising performance designed and built with the long lasting quality of a Vinten system

The ‘infinitely variable’ LF drag system delivers silky smooth framing and on-demand whip pan movement, while Vision’s perfect balancing system allows total control. The Vision blue5 has the added advantage of an illuminated levelling bubble for quick and convenient set-up.

The Vision blue5 system is available packaged with a two-stage Pozi-Loc tripod, ground spreader and a branded soft case.

Technical Specifications

Interface Compatibility Ball Ball
Bowl Size 75 mm 75 mm
Min Payload 5.8 kg 12.79 lb
Max Payload 12 kg 26.46 lb
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Weight 6.9 kg 15.21 lb
Transport Length 85 cm 33.46 in
Tripod Stages 2 2
Counterbalance Perfect Balance infinitely adjustable spring balance Perfect Balance infinitely adjustable spring balance
Drag LF Drag System LF Drag System
Temperature Range -15 to 30°C 5 to 86°F
Range Vision Vision
Head Type Vision blue5 Vision blue5
Applications Commercial/Corporate, Wedding Video, Documentaries Commercial/Corporate, Wedding Video, Documentaries

In The Box

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