Ultimate robotic or manual pedestal with payload up to 95 kg / 210 lbs incorporating APS technology.

Key features:

1. Switchable robotic or manual control for payloads up to 95 kg (210 lbss) – flexible system perfect for multifunctional studios
2. Absolute Positioning System (APS) for unrivalled accuracy of pedestal positioning allowing for track free, zero accumulated error placement
3. Perfect balance and full manual studio pedestal stability and performance
4. Smooth movement and compact ‘L’ shaped floor targeting that offers precise reference positioning across a wide range of floor surfaces.
5. Adjustable bumper sensitivity
6. Payload capacity can support the combined weight of FH-145 head, camera, lens and prompter/vanity monitor combination up to 66 kg (145 lbs)
7. Customise your workflow with VR option
8. Re assurance of 24 hour global network of service and support.

Technical Specifications

Max Payload 95 kg 209.48 lb
Robotic//Manual? Robotic and Manual Robotic and Manual
Product Type Robotic Robotic
Height 660 to 1430 cm 259.84 to 562.99 in
Weight 133.7 kg 294.81 lb
Floor Speed 25 to 300 25 to 300
Repeatability Percent ±25 ±25
Repeatability MM ±0.5 ±0.5
Resolution <1 <1
Movement Range Floor and Height Floor and Height
Manual Mode? 1 1
On Shot Stroke 70 to 79 70 to 79
Virtual Reality Option? 1 1
Max Height Speed 150 cm 59.06 in