+ Weatherproofed to IP65 and insulated against extreme temperatures
+ Remote controlled wiper and optional wash jet ensure clear field of view
+ Sealed cable entry enables use of standard cable terminations for quick installation
+ Compact design reduces mass inertia, weight and wind loading to ensure good balance
+ Internal thermostat controls filtered and pressurised fan to cool to ambient temperature
+ Simple integration with fixed air conditioning systems or optional cooler module

Technical Specifications

Range FHR-155E FHR-155E
Weight 30 kg 66.15 lb
Height 320 cm 125.98 in
Width 241 cm 94.88 in
Length 851 to cm 335.04 in
Operating Temperatures 4 to 55°C 39.2 to 131°F
IP Rating IP65 IP65
Sun Loading Specification DEF STAN-00-35, Desert A1. DEF STAN-00-35, Desert A1.