The Vision blue3 head and tripod system delivers effortless support, providing perfect balance and precisely adjustable drag to exactly match your style. The perfect balance and control can be adapted for DSLRs and camcorders from just 2.1kg / 3.3 lbs when using the new Vision blueBridge.

This system package comprises of the Vision blue3 head, two-stage aluminium Pozi-Loc tripod, mid-level spreader and soft case.

Technical Specifications

Interface Compatibility Ball Ball
Bowl Size 75 mm 75 mm
Min Payload 3 kg 6.62 lb
Max Payload 6.6 kg 14.55 lb
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Weight 6.5 kg 14.33 lb
Transport Length 85 cm 33.46 in
Tripod Stages 2 2
Counterbalance Perfect Balance infinitely adjustable spring balance Perfect Balance infinitely adjustable spring balance
Drag LF Drag System LF Drag System
Temperature Range -15 to 30°C 5 to 86°F
Range Vision Vision
Head Type Vision blue3 Vision blue3
Applications Commercial/Corporate, Wedding Video, Documentaries Commercial/Corporate, Wedding Video, Documentaries

In The Box