Easily tracks through confined spaces.

The Quattro-SL is a compact pedestal ideal for multi-camera studio locations. It easily tracks through confined spaces (including a standard sized door for multi-studio locations) and works alongside other pedestals.

Key features

  • Ultra-ridged tri-section 4-stage column for the longest possible vertical stroke and superb stability
  • Perfect balance column for effortless elevation
  • Crab and steer control for enhanced manoeuvrability and on-shot steering
  • Solid aluminium base for ultimate stability
  • Ergonomic, easy access of controls

Technical Specifications

Weight 136 kg 299.88 lb
On Shot Stroke 1000 1000
Height 470 to 1470 cm 185.04 to 578.74 in
Stages 4 4
Max Payload 80 kg 176.4 lb
Narrow Transit Width 745 cm 293.31 in
Perfect Balance Stages 4 4
Tracking Width 810 cm 318.9 in
Transit Width 820 cm 322.83 in
Wheel Diameter 120 120
Trim Weights 7.5 kg 16.54 lb
Range Quattro Quattro
Color Black Black
Wheel Locks Single-point Single-point
Steering Ring Diameter 740 740
Cabel Guards Single continuous guard, single-point adjustment Single continuous guard, single-point adjustment
Pedestal Base Skirted Skirted
Applications Live Studio Live Studio

In The Box

  • Quattro-SL Pedestal
  • User Guide