The Osprey Studio is a fully functioning studio pedestal for large payloads up to 80kg / 177lb. It is a full studio version of the Osprey elite and is capable of supporting large Vinten Vector heads and the lastest range of portable or full facility digital cameras and teleprompters. It can track talent eyelines from a seated to standing position ‘on shot’ with its extended fully balanced range. It has an inlet valve for any air source, making Perfect Balance easy to achieve. There is a storage area for the camera operator. In addition, the Osprey Studio pedestal includes a pressure gauge for clear and reliable set-up. It has a single brake and selector for both single wheel and ‘all wheel’ crab steering for working in tight spaces and on shot direction changes. It comes with an integral cable guard for studio use.

Key features

  • Full, 2-stage balance range for total ‘on shot’ elevation, perfect for moving from seated to standing talent in game shows, entertainment shows, drama and performances
  • Full crab and steer facilities controlled from a central interchangable steering ring for enhanced manoeuvrability and on-shot steering
  • Durable skirted base for ultimate stability
  • Integral cable guard to prevent cable damage and disturbances to shots
  • single action parking brake
  • Pedestal supplied with Quickfix quick release system & operator storage area
  • Technical Specifications

    ApplicationDrama, Entertainment, Events, Multicam, Turnaround studio, Live StudioDrama, Entertainment, Events, Multicam, Turnaround studio, Live Studio
    Height66 cm to 143 cm26 in to 56.3 in
    On Shot Stroke77 cm30.3 in
    Payload80 kg176.4 lb
    Pedestal BaseSkirtedSkirted
    Perfect Balance Stages22
    Steering Ring Diameter63.5 cm25 in
    Tracking Width108 cm42.5 in
    Transit Width80 cm31.5 in
    Trim Weights35003500
    Weight89.4 kg197.1 lb
    Wheel Diameter12.5 cm4.9 in
    Wheel LocksSingle-pointSingle-point

    In The Box

    • Osprey Studio S Pedestal
    • Manual Pump
    • Quickfix
    • Accessory holder
    • User Guide