Powerful support for superior productions

Vinten’s heavy payload robotic heads are designed to ensure that larger camera/lens/prompter packages don’t limit your production values.

The FHR-155 robotic only head combines sophisticated software and mechanical engineering to deliver exceptionally accurate and smooth movement. Operators can have total confidence in the head’s capabilities as the system will deliver remarkable control and repeatability at all speeds.

The 155 heads have a lighter weight construction, and a 3 port Ethernet switch built-in to simplify integration with robotic pedestals and IP prompting equipment. Designed to be near silent when moving, the heads are ideal for environments with ultra-critical noise limits.

Virtual/Augmented Reality options including integrated StarTracker

A VR variant of the FHR-155 head delivers data in 22 bit accuracy to ensure precise rendering by the Virtual Reality engine. Where floor movement is required an optional StarTracker optical camera tracking system can also be built into the head to create a sleek, integrated system. This will track both manual and FP-188/210 pedestals anywhere in the studio, providing an absolute reference that is drift-free and removes the need for homing operations after the initial calibration.

Technical Specifications

Robotic Pedestal Compatible? 1 1
Robotic/Manual? Robotic Robotic
Max Payload 70 kg 154.35 lb
Weight 22.5 kg 49.61 lb
Height 490 cm 192.91 in
Length 436 cm 171.65 in
Width 235 cm 92.52 in
Color Black Black
Pan Range 359° 359°
Tilt Range ±50° ±50°
Virtual Reality? 1 1
Applications Studio Studio

In The Box

70Kg(155lb) payload robotic only head, integrated PSU, 3 port Ethernet hub, LANC port and lens drive for full servo digital Canon and Fujinon lenses. Includes 3m ethernet and power cables.