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Vinten has announced the release of version 1.1 of its VEGA Control System Software, which incorporates AI-driven Presenter Tracking in partnership with Seervision.

The VEGA Control System made its debut at NAB 2023, with version 1.0 launching in the summer. This version elevated the control capabilities of the legacy Vinten HD-VRC Control System by introducing a dynamic interface and a modular software architecture. The hardware-agnostic architecture allows for seamless virtual deployment.

With the unveiling of VEGA Software v1.1, broadcasters can now integrate VEGA Presenter Tracking into their workflow. This feature is fully embedded in the VEGA Client Interface and familiar shot selection grid. VEGA Presenter Tracking integrates Vinten’s on-air motion quality and broadcast features with Seervision’s AI-driven talent tracking and reframing technology, creating an optimised system for studio environments.

The software employs robust talent identification to automatically frame each person on-screen and utilises built-in artificial intelligence to predict future movements based on skeletal kinematics. Through this advanced technology, VEGA Presenter Tracking anticipates the probable next movements of on-air talent, executing smooth adjustments comparable to those made by a camera operator.

“VEGA Presenter Tracking has been extensively trialed by leading broadcasters in EMEA and USA,” says Neil Garder, senior product manager, robotics. “The success of the tracking at those sites is leading to VEGA being used in productions that would previously be considered too unpredictable for robotic camera supports,” he continues. “We strongly believe that integrating the flexibility of robust talent tracking can advance the possibilities of production with studio robotics.”

VEGA Presenter Tracking is compatible with existing Vinten hardware. Broadcasters can update their robotic solution in a phased manner and introduce the latest control technology without upgrading all their studio equipment.

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