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Vinten has supported camera operators around the world for over 100 years on their quest to capture and share moments in history. Join us as we celebrate by sharing pivotal moments in news gathering, live events and sporting history as told by the camera operators that were there.

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Yves Michel-Dumond

Mandela’s First Press Conference

Episode 1

Yves Michel-Dumond is freelance camera operator, AP Journalist, and a former member of the Guild of Television Camera Professionals (GTC). During his career behind the lens, he has captured iconic moments in news history including Nelson ’Mandela’s walk to freedom and his first press conference after release, pivotal moments in South Africa’s history.

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Conall Freeley

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Episode 2

Guild of Television Camera Professionals (GTC) Conall Freeley’s work for ITN captured one of the most iconic moments in news history, the fall of the Berlin wall. Go behind the broadcast with Conall and learn what challenges the crew had to face and how these remarkable scenes reshaped the modern world.

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Graham Maunder

Capturing Sport’s Greatest Moments

Episode 3

Graham Maunder is a multi-award winning DoP and Lighting Cameraman for TV, commercials and corporate and the current Chair of the Guild of Television Camera Professionals (GTC). During Graham’s illustrious career behind the camera, he’s covered 19 Olympic Games over 40 years for NBC, capturing some of sports greatest moments.

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Barrie Dodd

Making Music History with Queen

Episode 4

Emmy award-winning camera operator Barrie Dodd (GTC) is renowned for capturing some of music’s greatest live events. During Barrie’s career behind the camera, he’s shot many iconic moments in music history including the Freddie Mercury tribute concert at Wembley, London 20212 Olympics and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody music video, the most influential music video of the 20th century.

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