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Hiroyuki Miyata

For over 16 years, camera operator Hiroyuki Miyata has expertly captured the changing seasons for many nature documentaries and interviews for Toyama Television Broadcasting in Japan. Recently, he tested out the flowtech 75 & 100 on his recent projects.

Capturing the dynamic and diverse seasons of Toyama, Japan requires a keen eye and reliable equipment that is lightweight, strong, and always ready to go. For over 16 years, camera operator Hiroyuki Miyata has expertly captured the changing seasons for many nature documentaries. The challenges of working in natural environments require equipment that is adaptable and reliable. “When I am operating alone, I need to choose camera equipment that is light and fast to set up,” says Hiroyuki, adding, “Camera support is one of the most important aspects to consider.” Cue the Vinten flowtech tripod system, an essential part of his kit.

“I use the Vinten Vision blue3 flowtech75 system,” says Hiroyuki. The system supports payloads up to 6.6kg. “it’s suitable for my handheld cameras or rigged mirrorless cameras which usually weight 3-4kg.”

When Hiroyuki works alone, one of the most useful features of flowtech is the quick release brake at the top of each leg. “I can lock all the legs at once using the quick release brakes so that I can change the leg length easily,” he says. “I can also adjust the tripod height without changing my hand position, which means I can concentrate my attention on my subject, not my tripod.”

News & Documentary on-the-go.

For covering fast-paced news, a change of pace means a change of gear. Vinten’s Vision 100 flowtech100 system provides the perfect support for ENG shooting. “News scenes require frequent setups,” says Hiroyuki. “A feature of flowtech that I like is the ability to adjust my setup quickly, whatever the scene. Being able to adjust the height of the flowtech system in an instant is perfect to ensure my camera is always in the best position for news reporting. “

Always Ready.

“flowtech is a tripod I can use in any situation,” says Hiroyuki. “That can be the sea, rivers or mountainous areas. In water, the tube structure of flowtech provides excellent drainage and the low weight of the system allows me to preserve energy and maintain my strength for often long and demanding shoots.”

“In order to perform smooth continuous shots in all conditions, I value four key points when choosing a tripod system,” explains Hiroyuki. “It has to be lightweight, easy to transport, strong and functional; Vinten flowtech systems deliver all four requirements for me.”

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