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Advance your worship with affordable broadcast robotics.

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Advance your worship

Vantage and its companion the μVRC (MicroVRC) control panel offer a powerful, robust, and affordable robotic camera solution for congregations of all sizes. And they’re from Vinten, the industry’s most trusted brand.

Broadcast-Quality Image Capture

Vantage and μVRC deliver on-shot robotic camera movement, high-quality positioning control, and image quality consistent even with manual camera positions. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of cameras and lenses to meet your needs – long distances and low-light conditions are no problem!

Easy to Operate

Vantage’s standard setup requires no customization, and μVRC is easy to configure. Offering a range of mounting options, Vantage is simple to install, integrates easily into your church’s IP network and is compatible with broadcast PTZs. Even volunteer teams can get up and running quickly.


With Vantage, your house of worship can leverage a state-of-the-art robotic camera solution at a fraction of the cost of similar broadcast-grade systems. Vantage can be mounted to standard camera supports and uses your choice of cameras and lenses, saving you money for use elsewhere.

Sleek and Silent

With its exceptionally quiet movement, small form factor, and sleek design, Vantage is an unobtrusive member of your video team that can disappear easily into a darkened church environment. Plus you can position the camera further away with the right lens for the job.

Peter Schmidt
Director, Producer at Blaze Streaming Media

"The μVRC has made it really simple to have everything ready to go, I hit one button and go right to the shot I am looking for." "The Vantage Robotic Heads are very smooth, they're very quick to find the exact position that I am looking for."

Vinten Vantage
Advance your worship with affordable broadcast robotics

Camera and Lens

Select the best combination for your production environment. Vantage supports a wide range of cameras as well as full servo and manual lenses. Choose your set up to take tight head shots or super wide angles that capture the entire congregation even in low light.

Compact and Lightweight

At 2.2 kg, the innovative design discreetly fits within your church. It can be mounted on any tripod, or on a wall or ceiling with optional mounting accessories.



Easily fits to your workflow. Compatible with Serial, Ethernet, Lanc and VR output provides tracking data.

Budget friendly

Significantly lower price point compared to high-end studio solutions

Continuous variable speed control

Provides smooth quality of motion and full synchronisation of all movements over all axis

Screen image

The Control System

This easy to configure modular version of Vinten’s high end HD-VRC software provides access to various features such as camera select, pre-set shots, essential shading, video switcher integration, and more.  The standard functionality can be extended through additional software features and add-ons such as third party PTZ integration.  The micro VRC is the perfect companion to the Vantage compact robotic head allowing users to control multiple units and combine with third party PTZs.

Cost Effective

Superior broadcast quality motion control at a lower price.

Adaptable solution

Option is expand functionality based on specific needs and budget.

Superior Functionality

Access to camera select, pre-set shots, essential shading, playback and more.

Easy Integration

Connects with 3rd party switchers and integrates to control existing broadcast PTZs.

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