System Vision 8AS flowtech™100 GS

System Vision 8AS with flowtech®100 carbon fibre tripod, ground spreader and carry handle

The Vision 8AS system with flowtech®100 carbon fibre tripod and ground spreader, is a professional tripod system designed for camera setups weighing between 5.5-14 kg / 12.1-30.8 lb.

The Vision 8AS has been designed with intuitive controls, side load system for rapid camera attachment and durable brakes. Combined with Vinten's Perfect Balance and LF drag technology, this makes the Vision 8AS the ideal tool for a wide range of challenging, professional applications.

Performance tested in extreme conditions, the unique flowtech®100 is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than any other tripod, giving the camera operator ultimate versatility and improving their workflow.

The system is completed with a comfortable carry handle and soft case for protection during transport.

Key Features and Benefits:

Vision 8AS

  • Perfect balance for effortless production
  • Lubricated Friction fluid drag control ensures smooth movement
  • High contrast blue LED levelling bubble for quick, precise set up
  • Ergonomic design of all controls for effortless use
  • Superior performance, year after year


  • Unique quick release brakes - deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant
  • New ergonomic carbon fibre leg design - easy to transport and exceptional torsional stiffness
  • Versatile hinge lock mechanism - capture extremely low and high shots
  • Extensive endurance and environmental testing - superior performance and reliability
    • Fast and simple setup
Metric Imperial
Vision Vision
Documentaries, Commercial/Corporate, News Documentaries, Commercial/Corporate, News
Fluid Head
Vison 8AS Vison 8AS
Height Range
0.59 to 1.75 m 1.94 to 5.74 ft
Spreader / Dolly
Ground Spreader Ground Spreader
5.50 to 14 kg 12.10 to 30.80 lb
Bowl size
100 mm 100 mm
Spreader type
Ground Spreader Ground Spreader
Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
Transport length
840 mm 32.76 in
Tripod stages
2 2
7.10 kg 15.62 lb
Height Range without spreader
0.40 to 1.70 m 1.31 to 5.58 ft
Temperature range
-15 to 30 °C 5 to 86 °F
Perfect Balance infinitely adjustable spring balance Perfect Balance infinitely adjustable spring balance
LF Drag System LF Drag System


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story link. Case Study

Hiroyuki Miyata reviews the flowtech 75 & 100

Capturing the dynamic and diverse seasons of Toyama, Japan requires a keen eye and reliable equipment that is lightweight, strong, and always ready to go. For over 16 years, camera operator Hiroyuki Miyata has expertly captured the changing seasons for many nature documentaries. The challenges of working in natural environments require equipment that is adaptable and reliable.