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Ultimate support for the camera and its operator.

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Ultimate support for the camera and its operator.

Everyone enjoys their favorite TV sports moments, from medal-winning Olympians to thrilling football shoot-outs, all captured with exceptional precision behind the scenes. Sports broadcasters face mounting pressure to deliver exciting and dynamic live coverage, especially as competition grows with more channels and new providers offering diverse content. Production teams continuously seek innovative methods to stand out.

Regardless of budget or production scale, crucial considerations for all live sports broadcasts are the equipment. It must be dependable, capable of capturing key shots, portable for venue shifts, and robust enough to withstand field demands. This includes cameras, support equipment, and accessories, which must offer precision performance to meet the challenging demands of sports broadcasting.

“I have traveled all over the world with my Vinten tripod. Loaded it in jeeps, helicopters and bush planes and then used it in extremes of temperatures and environment. It has never let me down.”

Adam Brown

Vinten equipment has been designed with the operator in mind and proven over years. Live sport broadcasts demand a reliable operation and the pan and tilt heads and tripod systems have to provide the ultimate support to the camera and its operator. IIn order to help achieve this, camera support equipment must satisfy challenging criteria:

Quick and simple to rig and dismantle
Robust enough to survive any environment
Simple for the varied crews and freelancers to operate under the pressure of live broadcast
Easy to carry
Compact enough to pack away into the trucks
Tough enough to survive constant rigging, de-rigging and transport

Our Technical team can help at any stage of your project. We have a wide network of broadcast professionals and systems integrators who will support the fulfilment of custom integrated solutions.

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