Control System


Driving fresh perspectives

Optimised operation ­- VEGA is designed as a critical tool for high pressure live productions. The modern user interface includes familiar features to guide and support the user such as adaptive controls and drag and drop functionality. Production equipment configurations can be created and saved for fast recall, while sliders and visual cues support touchscreen operation alongside the highly configurable VEGA Control Panels. For full operational flexibility multiple controllers can be added to the network, enabling shared control of any studio from any control room, anywhere in the world. .

Osprey Pedestals with various cameras mounted demonstrating the versatility of the series

Enhanced creativity ­- VEGA naturally facilitates the superior on-shot movement that Vinten robotic hardware is renowned for and amplifies it with intelligence that supports creative camera control. It offers the ability to create curved signature shots and access them across the network, while giving the option to protect more complex sets with advanced studio mapping to restrict movement. Combining high-quality movement, extendable control feature set, and data sharing, enables broadcasters to adapt efficiently in the fast-moving landscape of modern news, while continuing to support core brand values with a unified visual identity.

Intelligent automation ­- VEGA advances the possibilities of automation. Integrated features are underpinned by a growing interoperability with auxiliary systems to support ever greater efficiency improvements in busy control rooms. VEGA Presenter Tracking, powered by Seervision, delivers integrated AI driven talent tracking that anticipates movement to track and frame individuals in a smooth, natural manner. VEGA Voice Director uses speech recognition, allowing control room staff to execute core operating functions, such as selecting cameras, recalling shots, and reframing, using spoken commands. VEGA Playout allows 3rd party systems to take control, interfacing seamlessly to help studios adapt and perform to the highest standards with minimal resource.

Enterprise class infrastructure

Architected for change ­- Heightened interest in employees, efficiency and the environment is driving broadcasters to expand their remote capabilities and become more connected and adaptive. VEGA is conceived around a modular, clustered server software architecture that supports these aspirations. Deployment options include local, virtual and distributed operating models that enable scalable transformations to balance both business and technology requirements.

Built for maximum resilience ­- With over 40 years of experience in broadcast robotics, Vinten understands the necessity of maintaining system uptime. VEGA supports load distribution to manage demand and improve responsiveness, with auto-failover natively integrated into multi-server configurations for robust disaster recovery. Servers and clients are fully compliant with local and remote network infrastructure configurations and our team of software engineers continue to develop and test the system to ensure ongoing resilience and compatibility. As part of the Videndum Group, Vinten offers access to a global support team that can offer preventative maintenance packages in any location worldwide.

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