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  • VEGA Client

    VEGA Control System
    • VEGA Client license enabling single client/server connection
    • Modern operating interface for VEGA Control System
    • Shot selection grid with fully synchronised one-touch recall of pre-set shots
    • Remote management of devices including motion quality optimisation
    • Virtual monitor displays camera output
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  • VEGA Server

    VEGA Control System
    • Base server license for single PC or VM
    • Allows installation of VEGA components
    • Orchestrates every element of the VEGA Control System
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  • VEGA Server Cluster

    VEGA Control System
    • Allows VEGA Server to operate in a cluster
    • Supports an unlimited number of PC/VM server instances per studio
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    VEGA Device Extensions
    • Adds control of shading on up to 4 cameras within a single studio
    • Enables shading parameters to be stored with pre-set shots for automatic adjustments
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  • VEGA Curve

    VEGA Motion Extensions
    • Enables the creation, editing and execution of sequences for up to 4 cameras in a single studio
    • Multiple operator defined keyframes create complex, non-linear moves
    • Fully integrated into VEGA Client
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  • VEGA Mapping

    VEGA Motion Extensions
    • Enables the creation, editing and enforcement of virtual boundaries for up to 4 cameras within a single studio
    • Allows irregular boundaries to be set and automatically validated
    • Status indication within VEGA Client for ease of reference
    • Restricts all methods of operation
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  • VEGA Playout

    VEGA Automation Extensions Allows 3rd-party playout systems to orchestrate VEGA pre-set shot database
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  • VEGA Presenter Tracking

    VEGA Automation Extensions
    • Autonomous camera control through identification of presenters in a video frame
    • Combines face identification and pose detection
    • Person identification allows individuals to be stored and recognised for tracking and other automation
    • Fully integrated and controlled through the VEGA Client interface
    • Requires VEGA Presenter Tracking Host Computer
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    VEGA Device Extensions Adds control for up to four 3rd-party integrated PTZ cameras within a single studio
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