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Go beyond a PTZ and future-proof your production

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The Vinten Vantage compact robotic head is the only lightweight robotic head that provides our customers with unmatched flexibility in the studio.

From smooth on-air motion to being camera and lens agnostic, the Vinten Vantage is a clear upgrade from the traditional PTZ solution since it uniquely enables the user to choose the best camera and lens for their application without limitations. With cost effective pricing, this robotic head allows our users the option to purchase more units for multiple shooting angles - all within budget.

Peter Schmidt
Director, Producer at Blaze Streaming Media

"The μVRC has made it really simple to have everything ready to go, I hit one button and go right to the shot I am looking for." "The Vantage Robotic Heads are very smooth, they're very quick to find the exact position that I am looking for."




Compact and
lightweight design

Innovative design discreetly fits within your studio environment. With a weight of 2.2Kg, it can be mounted on any flat base tripod or 75mm bowl tripod with the optional bowl adapter.

Quick set up

With existing HD-VRC control


Fits your workflow and compatible with serial, Ethernet, Lanc.

Vinten Vantage
Go beyond a PTZ and future proof your production

Camera and Lens agnostic

Supports a wide range of pro-video camcorders and lens, allowing the user to select the best equipment for their application needs.


At 2.2 kg, this innovative design discreetly fits within any studio environment


Supports servo lenses which are easy to use and allows for improved image quality or alternatively manual lenses which are more cost effective.


Cost effective

Significantly lower price point compared to high-end studio solutions

Continuous variable speed control

Provides smooth quality of motion and full synchronisation of all movements over all axis

Tally indication

Displays when live to air and integrated level bubble for correct set-up

Screen image

The Control System

This cost-effective, modular version of Vinten's high-end HD-VRC software allows small studios to leverage the award-winning Vantage compact robotic head for unmatched flexibility in content creation and broadcast-quality movement and control.

Utilising an easy to use PC control and USB Joystick the μVRC is the perfect companion to the Vantage, and can control multiple units for various shooting angles - all within budget.

Cost Effective

Superior broadcast-quality, motion control at a price suits your budget.

Adaptable solution

Option is expand functionality based on specific needs and budget.

Ergonomic Design

Complete with easy-to-read touchscreen and easy-to-use USB joystick panel.

Superior Functionality

Access to camera select, pre-set shots, essential shading, playback and more.

Easy Integration

Video switcher integration that easily connects with third-party switchers.

Quick set up

Auto-discovery setting enables a quick setup of robotic devices.

Screen image

The Control System

If users require control of five or more heads, have studios with a significant number of robotic systems, or need control over all axes (pan, tilt, zoom, focus, elevation, and XY), then Vinten's complete HDVRC control system is an easy-to-configure control solution that provides multi-user, multi-facility control of pedestals, heads and elevation units.

Single Controller

The Windows based touchscreen user interface allows a single controller for multiple devices / studios within the same network.

SD/SDI and HD signals

Supports SD/SDI and HD video signals and graphics capture consistent with HD signals on other broadcast equipment.


Image storage of all axes in easy one-touch operation.

TCP/IP, RS232 and RS422

System interconnection is via industry standard TCP/IP, RS232 and RS422 protocols.

Connectivity that Fits Your Workflow

Compatible with Serial, Ethernet, and Lanc.
VR output provides tracking data

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The Vinten Vantage total robotic solution

Vinten Vantage

  • 4.5Kg Payload
  • ±90° Tilt Range
  • 355° Pan Range
  • 0.02 - 60 Deg/s
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  • Control PC with screen
  • USB joystick panel
  • Adaptable solution
  • Easy integration
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  • Shot storage of all axes
  • Picture based running orders
  • SD/SDI and HD video support
  • Video loop through
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